Fragments of broken glass             this room’s dimensional windows a stone’s throw away, living on the edge too long.                                                             Silence dances in darkness through an altered state. voices, a regimented life!             Toy soldiers living not in dreams but regimes.                                                             I stand, inhaling plumes amid cumulous vapors             an air sifting desert’s room where vultures gather – nearby soon                                                             … Continue reading Fragmented

All Poets Hidden

All Poets Hidden John G. Evans © 5/1/2020 2:03:45 AM To all the poets hidden in sight, I wonder often, working through the night, Have you considered style upon style, precisely your manner, writing all the while? Have you witnessed the drab clouds of your mind from the start, delving deeply within your depths to create a poem’s fresh part, that expresses your experience, your … Continue reading All Poets Hidden