This Erotic Burn

“This Erotic Burn” by John G. Evans I am fire fanning the flames of crucified flesh unduly forsaken, I am the hot, red, hallowed blood that burns through guiltless veins.                   I am the sacred night sweltering for sacred curves and cambered frames. * With fiery dreams and melded hearts, flowered echoes in the blackness of night, woven within the fabric for each soul’s birthright. … Continue reading This Erotic Burn

A Suffering Tribute from the Fingerprints of God

A Suffering Tribute from the Fingerprints of God by John Evans Suffering, is it sadness? Or, is it pain? Pain, as 240 days plus measured from too many combat scenarios through forests and trees? Shell shock, or PTSD? Suffering, is it misery? Or, is it stains? Stains, from my tarnished soul walking in too many quarters and lodging to each? Guilty principles, without a moral … Continue reading A Suffering Tribute from the Fingerprints of God

A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange

John G. Evans 2/25/2020 2:41:36 AM Alone, with nothing to shield me but the darkness. A deep, spiritual silence. Vulnerable. Nothing to hide me but the depths of an interior prayer. I am in a solitary moment of depth within myself.  Gutted so deeply I hear the voice of my heart. This imploration for a reverent holiness that led me to my angelic visitor. Presence! … Continue reading A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange

Military PTSD – Series 1

Intimidation by Military PTSD So, the conflicts of war in ’71 and the issue of dog-tags depending on who you are become a kind of tattoo wrapped around your bloody neck like a hangman’s noose, well, it just sort of became my duty. Our flag was my heart and soul…still is. Onward into the scenario of combat zones, firefights, explosives, flares, and M-60 cartridges spent … Continue reading Military PTSD – Series 1

This Risque Night: A Villanelle

Thus, engraved of form within my soul, my words do flow – I shall write from memory days recalled in the absence of soul where each encounter does render its toll. This Risqué Night: A Villanelle John G Evans © 2016 I’ve lived this dark and risqué night, befallen and stroked by this erotic burn – Or tainted passions from fiery darts assailed of each … Continue reading This Risque Night: A Villanelle