The Relentless State of Our Souls

The Relentless State of Our Souls by John G. Evans 4/28/2020 5:24:06 AM Through an uneasy task in seeking Christ we lie in wait ~ as the state of our souls,  in which we truly cannot hide, we witness: One’s fiery response that surely counter-reflects, and ascertains, behold one views the demons of oneself, holds true ~ embraced within the ambiguous eye. Continue reading The Relentless State of Our Souls

Silver Love Under a Crescent Moon

O love! This contented night of a crescent moon lie sweetly b’ neath a drunken sky, and your hips of round succumb to the dark, the burn of love persuades me to dance naked with imparted lips, the slaughter of my soul…and finger-tips. The tilt of your head as the burn rushes through, the salted flesh as you kiss my wounds. Your back, your breasts, … Continue reading Silver Love Under a Crescent Moon

Sonnet IV

I am the warrior by word who brings peace to regions of the desolate, barren, and hopeless. Always, living on the doorsteps of death, I managed to survive, even as an infant, premature with all my dogmatic faith, I stood to tell the myth of how I survived. Based upon the fear of a machismo earth, and to the inhabitants therein, fear kept hope alive … Continue reading Sonnet IV