A Heart with Many Rooms

From the heart remain many rooms                         As lightning fingers from God Singing different melodies                         For love unearned, I cannot explain, nor comprehend its depths, But as I feel, I know Of many hearts along the way                         A separate happiness each note shall play. Please, speak to the eyes             … Continue reading A Heart with Many Rooms


Fragments of broken glass             this room’s dimensional windows a stone’s throw away, living on the edge too long.                                                             Silence dances in darkness through an altered state. voices, a regimented life!             Toy soldiers living not in dreams but regimes.                                                             I stand, inhaling plumes amid cumulous vapors             an air sifting … Continue reading Fragmented


An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972

An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972 A Former US Marine [1971-1972] ~ by John Gregory Evans © 5/14/2020 8:00:23 AM (5) 11 Line Stanzas, (1) 5 Line Envoi, the last line for each stanza a refrain. Envoi ddedE and the lines rhyme scheme = ababceddedE Stanza I I am fire fanning the flames of … Continue reading An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972

A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace, Introduction

A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy War and Peace Introduction by John Gregory Evans © 5/13/2020 3:26:38 PM Stanza I To whom be known of Russia’s plight? Siberian snow’s wilderness, Decembrist’s Tolstoy’s wit does write, Natasha and kindheartedness playful and  lasciviousness – Gentry and peasant’s feelings grow A Mother Russia’s wispy tale, Keeps warm her nape … Continue reading A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace, Introduction