Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Sitting in my high school library in 1970 my thoughts were of photojournalism as I blankly stared out the window nearly facing direct sunlight. I was facing a depressive mood disorder I struggled with for quite some time. I recalled during these moments speaking with the school’s photojournalist named Al and asked during one point how does one achieve this? I also asked if there were openings on the school journal and newspaper whereby Al stated that there were no vacancies. I opted out of further conversation due to the depression. My thoughts led me back to photography, writing, and … Continue reading Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

More Bird-Watching

Early this morning I photographed more Tanagers and a Bird of Prey and I think it is a juvenile Eagle perched in our neighbor’s yard. It was quiet in the area after he showed up. Now we have beautiful birds everywhere. I have discovered this area in our neighborhood to be rich with a multiple variety of species. I have decided I cannot photograph as can but perhaps as I settle in with a new lens next week (150-600mm), my images will be crisper. However, yesterday I reset my shooting menu I will review with you at a later … Continue reading More Bird-Watching