My Life Story in God: A Focus in Prayer

John Gregory Evans  Throughout the last 12 years I have pondered upon the good works of the Lord in my life. From early on as I kneeled next to my sweet, loving, mother’s side, she taught me the imperatives for prayer, to this present day as I open my Bible to read the underlying messages of Scripture, I am humbled presently by the presence of our God.   Living now, … Continue reading My Life Story in God: A Focus in Prayer

John Gregory Evans Quote # 4

John Gregory Evans Quote # 4 In retrospect, life’s outcome always rests in the love God has for humanity. Let us love one another through regular intervals of demonstrating not just love but mercy as well. We cannot escape His Presence, so why try. Rest in knowing the Most-High rests within a willing heart, one through gladness offers up a great gratitude to be alive. Continue reading John Gregory Evans Quote # 4

Words & Steely Knives

My Life Turned Around: Words and Steely Knives Have you heard: “And they will defile My secret place; For robbers shall enter it and defile it.”                                                                                                                         Ezekiel 7: 22 These steely knives meant to slice through the anger of the spoken word, vehement by nature as on a cutting board of hardened bamboo and the severity of salt inflicted upon these fleshly wounds? I … Continue reading Words & Steely Knives