A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace, Introduction

A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy War and Peace Introduction by John Gregory Evans © 5/13/2020 3:26:38 PM Stanza I To whom be known of Russia’s plight? Siberian snow’s wilderness, Decembrist’s Tolstoy’s wit does write, Natasha and kindheartedness playful and  lasciviousness – Gentry and peasant’s feelings grow A Mother Russia’s wispy tale, Keeps warm her nape through snow and dance, bells of victory thus do toll, … Continue reading A Ballad of Leo Tolstoy: War & Peace, Introduction


Monastery by John Gregory Evans © 5/6/2020 3:48:39 AM Interior pull a Springtime day sixty – mile drive the gate pulls me in to where beauty begins inside. Hearts play from heaven the Visitation Jeramiah, yes wisdom, goodness, reverence for the Word A kindred bond The Abbott’s invitation, thus lunchtime. Brother monks, Priests, gather at the large table, prayer upon prayer. Spiritually devoted in Reverence … Continue reading Monastery