Spinal Con-fusion

Spinal Con-fusion: A Combat Therapy By John Gregory Evans © 5/12/2020 8:25:38 AM There remains a deadened, freezing, almost an anesthetizing sense of dread upon my fingertips and hands, reaching deep into my leg’s nerves, shattered spinal cord, peeled away as one peels an orange. Walking, now a challenge, con-fusion of the fusion, cervical cord, Ruptured and bruised, arrogance of the humanity factor. Pain within … Continue reading Spinal Con-fusion

Liebster Award

Thank you Ingrid, at https://experimentsinfiction.com/ for my nomination. If you have not visited Ingrid’s blog yet, I suggest you check it out. Always makes me happy to read her fiction and helps me feel a bit less stressed when I become overloaded with my Creative Writing and English program. Ingrid, quite the educated lady speaking 4 modern languages and 2 ancient and has had a wonderful … Continue reading Liebster Award

Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You are my Brother

Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You Are my Brother by John Gregory Evans © 5/1/2020 4:26:48 PM Structural Racism: historically & culturally; white privilege is where – to be of color is a disadvantage, well, I cannot accept the privileges from one to the other. Racism is not my brother. A racial equity is of my favor that for me perpetuates a global … Continue reading Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You are my Brother