John Evans Paavo Oso Arts

John’s interest and passion for photography began nearly 50 years ago. As a former US Marine he photographed fellow Marines during a three week lull waiting for combat training to begin. The results were great but Evans always felt the images could be better. His raison d’ etre became his creative side allowing him to shift away from a ruminating ideation. The preceding image taken … Continue reading John Evans Paavo Oso Arts

Acquiring New Photographic Skills

Today is a day to celebrate the assets of receiving additional skills and gear. I ordered a new backdrop (black), for the moments I wish to convey throughout my grief stricken days. But, it is more than this. To me black is class. I like the way color, lighting, composition, the pose, all come together to create a visual-storyteller’s artistry and story. Of course, my … Continue reading Acquiring New Photographic Skills

Military PTSD – Series 1

Intimidation by Military PTSD So, the conflicts of war in ’71 and the issue of dog-tags depending on who you are become a kind of tattoo wrapped around your bloody neck like a hangman’s noose, well, it just sort of became my duty. Our flag was my heart and soul…still is. Onward into the scenario of combat zones, firefights, explosives, flares, and M-60 cartridges spent … Continue reading Military PTSD – Series 1