John draws from his soul. He excavates deeply emotional experiences from raw and hungry places requiring holistic healing and love. The healing power of the photographic print coalesced with his skills as an analytic photographer/lens poet who moves in swiftly demonstrating the experiences of humanity perpetuated through a world of darkness creates within us an empowerment to heal. Evans is not afraid to reveal the wounds of his life and reveal his truths to peoples indigenous to life’s traumas.

John G. Evans

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything..."
Mark Twain (D. 1910)

“I am the Samurai who draws up courage from the ink wells scribing time, where death is not darkness, but shooting arrows drop by drop for a liquified line, fluid, yes, discerning of all said rhymes, or not, but a hunger strikes each hungered note, making it mine.”

John Gregory Evans C 2016