This Pale Moon

The pale moon can be invasive at times, lighting up my tiny room, to almost a dim freshness of sunshine echoing through. I think, of love who has passed me by, except the silver love and this lunar sky. We share so many nights, why not, and evenings, too, we are together, espoused we two. My silver love, a stately profile of Campanian blood, mixed with a splash of Penobscot, too, indulges her counterpart, Welsh invader, oh dear, was how she referred to me, I simply cannot think out loud, but upon this virgin page of white, I think of … Continue reading This Pale Moon

A Foreign Affair II

A Foreign Affair II By John Gregory Evans © 5/10/2020 2:42:35 AM For just a moment, protracted, a long-drawn-out affair, long black hair, with a painted face, of red, and brown so fair, An indulgent for her time-honored pleasure, an acknowledgement, together We shared an unknown ecstasy silent to the core, quaking to the fore. The moment endured perpetuity, a long slide ride, mirrored, paralleled more than the 38th, emulated, mouthed-over echoes, a murmur not by way of chance, but by this colorful appeal, calling it red and parted maws, a slight drool for a long-awaited thrill eagerly waits its … Continue reading A Foreign Affair II