Sixty Minutes of Deadly Fire

Sixty Minutes of Deadly Fire John Evans © 5/8/2020 3:10:24 PM When one is enjoying life sixty-minutes takes no time to pass. But when one trains for a jungle war sixty-minutes ne’er will. Visions of dying surface to the heart pumping, faster and faster till velocity feels the tip of your nose. Every third round, a tracer. Blasts from all angles Till a spent cartridge finds its derelict target upon my neck. Cervical spine, Hit! the pain is real, the numbness I feel throughout a paralyzed frame, Jesus Help can’t move until, from somewhere, one ounce of C-o-u-r-a-g-e pushes onward … Continue reading Sixty Minutes of Deadly Fire

The Little Boy I Used to Be

The Little Boy I Used to Be By John Evans © 5/8/2020 1:47:50 PM When I was young, say back at five My spirit flew, I was alive. Vacation Bible School And a cherry orchard, walk Along a dirt path The sour taste, but Oh, so good Mother and dad Walked hand in hand I loved them both, so much And little brother With brightly colored snails I hid them all, I hid in pails. Early morning capture Heading back to my room By early morning next day Walls were covered As if a new paint. But love so strong … Continue reading The Little Boy I Used to Be


Monastery by John Gregory Evans © 5/6/2020 3:48:39 AM Interior pull a Springtime day sixty – mile drive the gate pulls me in to where beauty begins inside. Hearts play from heaven the Visitation Jeramiah, yes wisdom, goodness, reverence for the Word A kindred bond The Abbott’s invitation, thus lunchtime. Brother monks, Priests, gather at the large table, prayer upon prayer. Spiritually devoted in Reverence and holiness, I felt Presence indeed, Presence A disturbance sits nearby, chuckling Not certain why. I draw near to the Father, Holiness Permeates the spirit of the humanity factor. Departure, bowing monk we leave upon … Continue reading Monastery

Bigotry Offends

Bigotry Offends By John G Evans © 5/2/2020 2:15:22 PM Slavery, thus, white demands, ne’er mirroring goodness at hand. I, white as hell, but how may I learn suffering of your ages in our land? Why, these biased mechanisms for control of a race, piss on you, take injuries away! Tired of looking at ‘em square in the face. I say, whate’er we create, why then we redeem it through a Resurrected pace. Mister white man hold fast your conservative tongue, clean up your own injurious race. First off, slavery ne’er should have been, the Jim Crow era must discover … Continue reading Bigotry Offends

Burning Coals: Acceptance

Burning Coals: Acceptance by John G. Evans © 5/2/2020 3:00:33 AM “To simplify, acceptance means allowing; allowing unwanted private experiences (thoughts, feelings and urges) to come and go without struggling with them.” Though, at times, argumentation and disagreement seep in; through the acceptance and allowing of this self- permitting consciousness by way of remaining tolerant for another’s iniquity, do not struggle, for in the struggle we are in misery. By allowing, peace remains what it is in being, simply peace and calm. In another view, listen to the heart, not the ego or mind, where the enemy simply vanishes … Continue reading Burning Coals: Acceptance

Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You are my Brother

Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You Are my Brother by John Gregory Evans © 5/1/2020 4:26:48 PM Structural Racism: historically & culturally; white privilege is where – to be of color is a disadvantage, well, I cannot accept the privileges from one to the other. Racism is not my brother. A racial equity is of my favor that for me perpetuates a global communal conclusion, you know, as in happy endings? Diversity is where I am from, think! a mega-metropolis divided by two, peoples of choices divided by none. It has been said, we shall fall together or … Continue reading Systemic Racism: I Cannot See You for You are my Brother

A Diminutive Measure of Peace from 1972 – Now!

A Diminutive Measure of Peace from 1972 – Now! by John G. Evans © 5/1/2020 3:04:43 AM The dead recalling of bones fossilized by an angry time, 1972, and a war that was not mine. Silence has been the order of dead brain cells scandalized by the humanity factor, where silence never was for as the silence grew and matured, it became a phenomenal voice. Listen, should one hear, this voice never dies out between a metaphorical delusional trance, ne’er desiring to dance within its own order. Created of verse and rhyme, and often no rhyme at all, but that … Continue reading A Diminutive Measure of Peace from 1972 – Now!

All Poets Hidden

All Poets Hidden John G. Evans © 5/1/2020 2:03:45 AM To all the poets hidden in sight, I wonder often, working through the night, Have you considered style upon style, precisely your manner, writing all the while? Have you witnessed the drab clouds of your mind from the start, delving deeply within your depths to create a poem’s fresh part, that expresses your experience, your style, as well, from heart? Style now, the imperative to grow, while word upon word appear as you sow, the words as worn, and worn again, new; write on through the darkness discover the new … Continue reading All Poets Hidden

John G. Evans

Truth as a Child May See ~ Deadened fossils of the past, worries of the future, as opening in the present moment the healing of a suture. Why, must I torture myself? This past thus dead and gone, and the future nowhere to be seen, all that clearly remains is transforming our minds to living for what now is being. Listen, to this Rocky Mountain Idahoan breeze. Breathe this freshness in and stand back for God shall do a mighty wondrous thing. The mind is troubled, and our personalities will mix, but the healing comes from living now, today, among … Continue reading John G. Evans