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An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972

An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972 A Former US Marine [1971-1972] ~ by John Gregory Evans © 5/14/2020 8:00:23 AM (5) 11 Line Stanzas, (1) 5 Line Envoi, the last line for each stanza a refrain. Envoi ddedE and the lines rhyme scheme = ababceddedE Stanza I I am fire fanning the flames of crucified flesh ~                                                             Unduly forsaken, hot, red, hallowed blood flow                         burns through a teen’s guiltless veins upon the cervical mesh,                                   I am the warrior drawn of courage ink wells scribing pains,                                        where death is not darkness but shooting darts, drop by drop for a liquified … Continue reading An Internal Slant Rhyming Ballad from 1972

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Among the Streets, Thickets, & Thorns

Among the Streets, Thickets and Thorns By John Gregory Evans © 5/12/2020 5:56:33 AM I once knew two men who ran among the streets, thickets, and thorns, spreading the likes of themselves through gates of hell, ivory horns, thus, INK’g away bad seeds of scorn, around their auras shined only as worn. I had heard they came from Gallipoli, or perhaps Tripoli, or none of these. Perhaps in all cases, and all places it was here in Shar-on among the streets where ancient buildings, and glass houses began to crumble, nigh into the ages for generations to arrive, crippled by … Continue reading Among the Streets, Thickets, & Thorns

Coyote Moon Rising

Coyote Moon Rising John Gregory Evans © 5/11/2020 9:30:36 AM The Gulf of Mexico, mysterious whitecaps feel the colossal, dark figure brush my legs, left dangling as death upon a razor’s edge where my journey through the depths appear as overbearing. In the horizon’s twilight the ‘Naparima’ glides upon the depths as the designer intended, a Coyote moon weighs heavy and derelict in a sky for a hope to see land, again. A nothing more than dirt, caliche, and sand, to rise and throw indignities at me, as a brown-skinned bully from a distance. Thoughts of eating a meal at … Continue reading Coyote Moon Rising