To My Clientele & Followers

“Be Courageous with Your Creativity”     John Gregory Evans PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, Idaho To All My Clientele Owner, PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, Idaho Dear Followers: 24th May 2020   PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Phone:  208-810-9999 John Gregory Evans & the Paavo Oso Arts Project are currently located in Boise, Idaho. My photographic career began as a US Marine photographing fellow Marines within a Portrait format. This tenure endured close to one year, led to some outstanding self-portraits as well as US Marine individual portraits. My primary concerns were to record a history of training as a … Continue reading To My Clientele & Followers

Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Sitting in my high school library in 1970 my thoughts were of photojournalism as I blankly stared out the window nearly facing direct sunlight. I was facing a depressive mood disorder I struggled with for quite some time. I recalled during these moments speaking with the school’s photojournalist named Al and asked during one point how does one achieve this? I also asked if there were openings on the school journal and newspaper whereby Al stated that there were no vacancies. I opted out of further conversation due to the depression. My thoughts led me back to photography, writing, and … Continue reading Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Paavo Oso Arts Project

I conceived the Paavo Oso Arts Project two years ago stimulating my photographic endeavors. I embrace my absolute favorite Fine Art Portrait Photographers but ride on no one’s coat-tails. My work (good or bad), is my work. I explore the possibilities through that which is technologically native to the camera, editing software ( I utilize several), gut feelings, experience, and my artistic positioning which has become my artistic statement and raison d’ etre. I love when a composition comes together through planning, and the aforementioned stimulants. My website at is gaining an increased popularity and I aspire to work … Continue reading Paavo Oso Arts Project

More Bird-Watching

Early this morning I photographed more Tanagers and a Bird of Prey and I think it is a juvenile Eagle perched in our neighbor’s yard. It was quiet in the area after he showed up. Now we have beautiful birds everywhere. I have discovered this area in our neighborhood to be rich with a multiple variety of species. I have decided I cannot photograph as can but perhaps as I settle in with a new lens next week (150-600mm), my images will be crisper. However, yesterday I reset my shooting menu I will review with you at a later … Continue reading More Bird-Watching

Silver Love Poured Tea

Silver Love Poured Tea by John Gregory Evans © 5/17/2020 3:12:52 AM Your smile, breathless, Ponderosa Pines harvested your voice, Kisses that shed an earthly attire, While Sleeper’s and Pullman’s steal the night, yet Silver love poured tea. The moon breathed deep tonight, Stars gathered Inebriated by the broken silence, Only the darkness smiled! Silver love poured tea. Stares from a destitute dawn, Like a brown paper bag That feeds an army of poor, Your soul lay bare, Silver love poured tea. The lunar moon snips away the dusk As desert succulents grow. The scarlet butterfly, adjourns his ills Comes … Continue reading Silver Love Poured Tea

Walking Alone in ’81

Walking Alone in ‘81 by John Gregory Evans © 5/17/2020 2:53:22 AM How many rides, were you offered today? Met a stranger with a heart full of compassion? One I’d say, but, other than that It just ain’t happening! These foreign guests within an illusory homeland of hope? Was there one who lifted you in friendship? Or, do women merely come and go? Life is not fair. What voices lay in ruins of a dead man walking while inhaling square upon square, friends, strangers really. In ’72 one spit on me back from the war. How many congested thoughts, of … Continue reading Walking Alone in ’81