Silver Love Poured Tea

Silver Love Poured Tea by John Gregory Evans © 5/17/2020 3:12:52 AM Your smile, breathless, Ponderosa Pines harvested your voice, Kisses that shed an earthly attire, While Sleeper’s and Pullman’s steal the night, yet Silver love poured tea. The moon breathed deep tonight, Stars gathered Inebriated by the broken silence, Only the darkness smiled! Silver love poured tea. Stares from a destitute dawn, Like a … Continue reading Silver Love Poured Tea

Blood Rain

Blood Rain by John Gregory Evans © 5/17/2020 1:58:19 AM Rhythmic seasons arrive by way of violent crimes from within the darkness, as we digest encounters with black and bloody sinuous renegades, of branch and vine. Tiny minnows and tad-poles thirst upon a solitary descent of a complacent pain, as dragonflies carve out their stellar paths of thirst disdained. A mirrored silence, an environmental trepidation, … Continue reading Blood Rain