John Gregory Evans Quote # 4

John Gregory Evans Quote # 4 In retrospect, life’s outcome always rests in the love God has for humanity. Let us love one another through regular intervals of demonstrating not just love but mercy as well. We cannot escape His Presence, so why try. Rest in knowing the Most-High rests within a willing heart, one through gladness offers up a great gratitude to be alive. Continue reading John Gregory Evans Quote # 4


Monastery by John Gregory Evans © 5/6/2020 3:48:39 AM Interior pull a Springtime day sixty – mile drive the gate pulls me in to where beauty begins inside. Hearts play from heaven the Visitation Jeramiah, yes wisdom, goodness, reverence for the Word A kindred bond The Abbott’s invitation, thus lunchtime. Brother monks, Priests, gather at the large table, prayer upon prayer. Spiritually devoted in Reverence … Continue reading Monastery