To My Clientele & Followers

“Be Courageous with Your Creativity”  John Gregory Evans PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, IdahoTo All My Clientele Owner, PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, IdahoDear Followers:24th May 2020  PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Phone:  208-810-9999 John Gregory Evans & the Paavo Oso Arts Project are currently located in Boise, Idaho. My photographic career began as a US Marine … Continue reading To My Clientele & Followers

Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Sitting in my high school library in 1970 my thoughts were of photojournalism as I blankly stared out the window nearly facing direct sunlight. I was facing a depressive mood disorder I struggled with for quite some time. I recalled during these moments speaking with the school’s photojournalist named Al and asked during one point … Continue reading Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion