John Evans Paavo Oso Arts

John’s interest and passion for photography began nearly 50 years ago. As a former US Marine he photographed fellow Marines during a three week lull waiting for combat training to begin. The results were great but Evans always felt the images could be better. His raison d’ etre became his creative side allowing him to shift away from a ruminating ideation. The preceding image taken … Continue reading John Evans Paavo Oso Arts

San Antonio Mission Trail II

I adore this locale. The Mission Trail of San Antonio. I have practiced my photography here and have felt a feeling of Omnipresence. Although I was simply learning to focus, edit, and recraft my images, they can be better, I know. These images per this post are in some instances good compositions, but focus is on one point, and as these images are embrace both … Continue reading San Antonio Mission Trail II

Telling the Truth About Digital Editing

This image was taken in 2013. Initially, I over-edited. I captured the image with a singular focus point and a f-stop of about f/3.5 with a 70-300mm lens. ISO was probably 400 and WB sunshine. If I had to do this image again, I would have pre-set my shooting menu to select multiple focus points to capture more of the flowers. Since I was aspiring … Continue reading Telling the Truth About Digital Editing

To My Clientele & Followers

“Be Courageous with Your Creativity”     John Gregory Evans PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, Idaho To All My Clientele Owner, PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Boise, Idaho Dear Followers: 24th May 2020   PAAVO OSO ARTS PROJECT Phone:  208-810-9999 John Gregory Evans & the Paavo Oso Arts Project are currently located in Boise, Idaho. My photographic career began as a US Marine photographing fellow Marines … Continue reading To My Clientele & Followers

Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Sitting in my high school library in 1970 my thoughts were of photojournalism as I blankly stared out the window nearly facing direct sunlight. I was facing a depressive mood disorder I struggled with for quite some time. I recalled during these moments speaking with the school’s photojournalist named Al and asked during one point how does one achieve this? I also asked if there … Continue reading Photojournalism: Not Just Another Passion

Paavo Oso Arts Project

I conceived the Paavo Oso Arts Project two years ago stimulating my photographic endeavors. I embrace my absolute favorite Fine Art Portrait Photographers but ride on no one’s coat-tails. My work (good or bad), is my work. I explore the possibilities through that which is technologically native to the camera, editing software ( I utilize several), gut feelings, experience, and my artistic positioning which has … Continue reading Paavo Oso Arts Project