Running, Still?

John G Evans Chastisement of fire from the skies are of the intuitive dire reality this world must face, as the oppressor runs from himself to be hid from the presence of God’s Holy Face. I can witness oppression coming from within. This oppression I speak of continues to run where the sins of humanity’s character struggles with the fiery flames of conscience. The humanity … Continue reading Running, Still?

A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange

John G. Evans 2/25/2020 2:41:36 AM Alone, with nothing to shield me but the darkness. A deep, spiritual silence. Vulnerable. Nothing to hide me but the depths of an interior prayer. I am in a solitary moment of depth within myself.  Gutted so deeply I hear the voice of my heart. This imploration for a reverent holiness that led me to my angelic visitor. Presence! … Continue reading A Deep, Spiritual Silence Colored a Reddish Orange