Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

John G Evans © 2019 Poetry  translate           experience life             cynical             lack of trust     injured             as a child            humanity factor          vision of hope             the still woods             naked in all my truths Plant you permanently within us        insatiate           minsters           sour death       To experience the translation of a poet, why, it makes sense. Though life, cynical as it may be, my lack of trust, humanity … Continue reading Whitman: A Word Cloud Poem

Oh, This Erotic Burn

John G Evans © 2017 I am fire fanning the flames of crucified flesh             unduly forsaken – I am the hot, red, hallowed blood that burns through             guiltless veins – I am the sacred night that burns for these             mystic curves – Ignited by a smile, a word of comfort, or             a shape – I am as I am, woven into … Continue reading Oh, This Erotic Burn

Distant Shores in a Four-Bedroom House

Pacing – four walls I call home is not easy             Cutting a rug to distant shores I see a Samurai sword, a painting of a junk rig, an iron peacock, a woman warrior,             and a Hindu Holy man photographed by Joey L. I appear to enjoy the journey             It appeals to my eyes, I have met many friends upon this sojourn             … Continue reading Distant Shores in a Four-Bedroom House